Hi and Welcome to Beaders Cove.
Beaders Cove is a home based online retail shop, located in SE Michigan, in the Charter Township of Michigan, that went from an idea sometime around 2003-2004, then became a reality for me in late 2009,  and is currently a one person operation.

Since becoming a reality for me in late 2009, Beaders Cove has gone through changes in products offered and has progressed to what is now.

I won't bore you with all the details but here is a Approximate time line of how Beaders Cove has evolved:

2009 - late August, I took the plunge.  Registered my business, set up an Etsy and Artfire Shop.
          Offered faceted gemstones, some beads and supplies.
2010 - Closed my Etsy shop.   Continued offering on Artfire, faceted gemstones, some beads and supplies.

2013 - Closed my Artfire shop.  Started my website, and Vended at my first Craft Show.
           Offered some beads and supplies.

2014 - Became a Vendor at my first outdoor Market, Romeo Farmers Market.  The idea of the Necklace Bar was born. 
          Offered some beads and supplies.

2015 - Vendor at the RFM.  The idea of the Bracelet Bar was born.  Offered some beads, supplies, and Jewelry.

2016 - The idea of the Earring Bar was born.  The Jewelry B.E.N. Bar became a reality and was offered at RFM and
          at Drop-In-Shop Events I held.

2017 - Personal Video Shop idea is born.  YouTube product videos and some tutorial videos. 
          Offers Jewelry, Handmade & Manufactured Beads, Components, Supplies,
          Boutique Market Finds, and soon Kits.
          Available mostly online via website, facebook, facebook group and instagram. 
          Some Vendor/Craft Show Events.

2018 - ?   Anything is possible.  Stay tuned!

Debra V.
Beaders Cove