Hi and Welcome to Beaders Cove.
Beaders Cove is a home based online retail shop, located in SE Michigan, in the Charter Township of Michigan, that went from an idea sometime around 2003-2004, then became a reality for me in late 2009,  and is currently a one person operation.

Many items and products are offered as a one only or of very limited quantity, that is one of the things Beaders Cove is known for, limited product quantity.  You see it, like it, can afford it, then Buy it!  It may not be here tomorrow.

Since becoming a reality for me in late 2009, Beaders Cove has gone through changes in products offered and has progressed to what is now.

I won't bore you with all the details but here is a Approximate time line of how Beaders Cove has evolved:

2009 - late August, I took the plunge.  Registered my business, set up an Etsy and Artfire Shop.
          Offered faceted gemstones, some beads and supplies.
2010 - Closed my Etsy shop.   Continued offering on Artfire, faceted gemstones, some beads and supplies.

2013 - Closed my Artfire shop.  Started my website, and Vended at my first Craft Show.
           Offered some beads and supplies.

2014 - Became a Vendor at my first outdoor Market, Romeo Farmers Market.  The idea of the Necklace Bar was born. 
          Offered some beads and supplies.

2015 - Vendor at the RFM.  The idea of the Bracelet Bar was born.  Offered some beads, supplies, and Jewelry.

2016 - The idea of the Earring Bar was born.  The Jewelry B.E.N. Bar became a reality and was offered at RFM and
          at Drop-In-Shop Events I held.

2017 - Personal Video Shop idea is born.  YouTube product videos and some tutorial videos. 
          Offers Jewelry, Handmade & Manufactured Beads, Components, Supplies,
          Boutique Market Finds, and soon Kits.
          Available mostly online via website, facebook, facebook group and instagram. 
          Some Vendor/Craft Show Events.

2018 - ?   Anything is possible.  Stay tuned!

Debra V.
Beaders Cove