Adjustable Leather Cord Necklace

Adjustable Leather Cord Necklaces
can be adjusted approximately from 18 to 28 Inches long,
by sliding the cord through the knots

Video demonstration is in the product description

Leather Cord is a quality leather purchased from a company in the USA
dyed with lead free dye,  
and measures 2mm thick, 
which equates to just under an 1/8 Inch thick

Care Instructions:
Do Not get leather wet or wear in humid conditions,
it can cause the leather to stiffen and become brittle

Do Not, shower, swim, or clean, be mindful of activities while wearing

When wearing your leather cord necklace, the oils from your skin
will help keep the leather cord supple

Do Not use chemical Cleaners
If need to clean, wipe with a soft cloth

When wearing any jewelry, Remember, 
Last On First Off
Jewelry should always be the last item put on 
and the First item taken off

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