Beaders Cove Club

Beaders Cove Club

Beaders Cove Club Members will receive 20% Off all items, and depending on Region, discounted or Free USPS First Class Shipping.

How to become a member?

Create an Account and start making purchases!

1. Create an accout by clicking on the "My Account" tab, Three dots found on the right side of your mobile device, under the banner for lap/desk top users, or click here, and completely fill out the form with valid information.
This is necessary to keep track of orders and to place your account into Member status when the purchase requirement has been met.
Accounts MUST be created prior to placing an order for the order total to be applied to your account. 

2. Start making purchases. 
After you have accumulated $100 USD in purchases, your account will then be manually placed in Beaders Cove Club, and you'll be a Member.
This process will take 24 hours to change the account over.

That's it!

Now for more details.

Domestic Members, USA, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands, will receive 20% Off all items, and Free USPS First Class Mail.

International Members, will receive 20% Off all items, and half off USPS First Class International Mail.
Please see Shipping/Return
 Info for a list of countries currently being shipped to.

Beaders Cove Club Membership is only valid on registered accounts.
Only one account per customer.
Orders placed previous to registering an account will not be applied.

You'll only need to accumulate $100 USD in purchases once. This is not a recuring annual requirement.

Beaders Cove Club and Membership is valid as long as Beaders Cove remains in business or until further notification. Beaders Cove Club offers may change.

Any accounts created without valid information, example: Name; valid email address, valid mailing address, etc. will be deleted.