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Necklace Charms consist of Pendant Charms or Focal Charms 
for Chain Necklaces, and Adjustable Leather Cord Necklaces

Pendant Charms are Stone Pendant Beads that you choose your 
Pinch Charm Clasp as a Silvertone plated metal, or 
as a Antique Brass plated metal
plated metal is brass
Pendant Charms are to be used as a Pendant ONLY

Focal Charms are stone, shell, pearl, glass, or metal beads, 
and come in two sizes: 
Small, measuring 2 Inches or shorter
Large, measuring 2 Inches or longer

Focal Charms are hand wire wrapped, 
and in addition to being used as a Pendant charm, 
they can also be used as a zipper charm

The Pendant or Focal Charm you choose 
can be added to a 24 Inch Chain Necklace, 
simply by choosing

From the Drop Down Menu:

Add 24 Inch Chain Necklace (+8.75) 
to have the Pendant or Focal Charm added to the chain

Pendant Charms will have a choice of two Color Chains, 
pick the color that matches the Pinch Charm Clasp
color you chose

Coming late in 2018,
 Adjustable & Interchangeable Necklace

Pendant Charm Prices: 
start at $16.75 each

Focal Charm Prices: 
Small, start at $8.75 each
Large, start at $13.00 eac
24 Inch Chain Necklace Price: $8.75 each

Adjustable Leather Cord Necklace Price: $16.00 each

Adjustable & Interchangeable Necklace Price: TBD
Interchangeable Necklace Focal Price: TBD

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Coming in late 2018!  Adjustable & Interchangeable Necklace
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Metal Sunflower Focal Charm with a Carnelian Bead
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Serpentine Stone Donut Focal Charm
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