The Necklace Bar

Create your Necklace.

How you may ask?

It's rather simple,

1. Choose a Necklace with the Focal Pendant Bead
    you like from the Necklace Bar Category

2. From the drop box, choose what color metal for
    your pinch bail and 24 Inch chain, Silvertone or
    Antique Brasstone.  

We will assemble your Necklace with the selection you made and place it inside an organza bag.

To purchase the Pendant Only,

  1. From the drop down menu,
      select Pendant Only with the color metal Pinch 
      Bail you would like. Silvertone or Antique

24 Inch Chains are Stainless Steel or Brass Plated  
     in a Antique Brasstone

Pinch Bails are Plated Brass

Necklace Prices start at $15.00
Pendant Prices start at $7.75

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