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Starting in October Video Show Shops

Posted by Debra Vecchio on 9/1/2018 to Video Shop Show Info
If you are not on the Email List or missed your email...

Starting in October 2018

Recorded Video Shop Shows will be posted weekly on 
Wednesday's at 4 pm EST
and can be viewed from 4pm - 7pm EST
via email, or YouTube

A LIVE Video Show Shop will be posted once a Month on
the Third Saturday of the Month
at 8 pm EST
that can be viewed via email, or YouTube

This is a new platform for me to use via YouTube, 
so I am sure there are quite a few kinks and details to work out

Patience will need to be our friend during this :)

So you're probably thinking, what exactly is a Video Show Shop?

It's a Video Show, during a specific time, of selected products 
showing how the products can be used, or how they look being worn
The products featured in the Video Show Shop will be in a Special Catagory (VSS)
for you to shop from, so you are not having to navigate the entire website to find them, 
plus they will have a special offer
during the specific viewing time of 4pm - 7pm EST on Wednesdays

With Video Shop Show, my goal is
for you to be able to get a better idea of how the products look 
 instead of just viewing a photograph

Recapping the Benefits during Video Shop Show, 

Can View how the products look via video instead of photographs

Can see how the products look being worn

Can shop in the VSS Category, saving you time finding the products on the website

will receive a special offer only on the selected products purchased during the VSS 

You can watch the VSS in your email, or on YouTube

I look forward to offering this new adventure
of Video Shop Shows

To receive reminders of Video Shop Shows,

 Also, subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Thank You for your support
Beaders Cove